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Experience and Industries Served

Rob is a Boston-based, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. For more than 25 years, Rob has led sales, marketing, service, training, partnerships, and product development for organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He’s helped deliver more than $2 billion in revenue across more than 100 products and services in domestic and international markets.

He’s worked with technology companies, consumer brands, finance and banking groups, healthcare companies, industrial manufacturers, agencies, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment artists, making them more competitive in their markets and fields. He backed up his work by measuring and co-authoring competitive reports on the top global brands, the automotive industry, fashion and beauty companies, consumer electronics, and more.

Building Competitive Analytics Models and Training

With an engineering background, Rob began building and applying analytical and quantitative models to improve product development, go-to-market, and customer experience while at his first startup, leading to the company becoming an integral part of the world’s first and largest package tracking system.

As the models matured, he applied them to other companies for successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A), revenue acceleration, and product launches. His first use of modeling in a large company resulted in sales growth from a stagnated $30 million to more than $100 million in one year. The analytical models and training, both of which Rob created and delivered, were the key drivers of that success and the foundation for competitive analytics.

Background of Training and Innovation

A dynamic presenter, Rob has led multiple sessions at SXSW and other worldwide innovation and creative events. He is currently writing his third book, the application of analytics to business competition. This new work follows his two successful books on digital marketing, media, and strategy. Rob has multiple patents in analytics and data visualization. He has an MBA from Boston University, an MS in Computer Engineering, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts.

Rob is also a proud alumnus of Techstars, the top worldwide accelerator and investment fund for entrepreneurs. When not developing analytical models or delivering competitive training, Rob can be found in the kitchen with his wife, an activity influenced by the time spent during his youth working at a famed Italian restaurant in Boston’s historic North End.

Discuss Competitive Challenges

Rob spends a great deal of time with entrepreneurs, investors, analysts, and C-suite professionals discussing competitive strategy and tactics. He continually evaluates both product developers and professional service providers to determine how they can help companies achieve or sustain their competitive advantage.

Interview with Behind the Brand

Rob’s competitive work at Pixability, where he served as both Senior Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), helped transform a small video startup company at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) into a digital advertising technology powerhouse. Pixability was #1 on the Boston Business Journal’s list of fastest-growing, privately-held companies in Boston and was also ranked #1 as Best Places to Work in Boston. Here, Rob describes the evolution of the brand.

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