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Competitive Analytics Training and Consulting Company

Business Catalytics was founded by Rob Ciampa to help companies recognize and tackle the escalating challenges of competition. We believe an organization’s ability to compete depends as much upon factors it controls internally as those beyond its walls. Much like a competitive sports team, a company’s market success extends beyond a well-crafted strategy and playbook to its own effective preparation. Business Catalytics is a training and consulting company that develops competitive analytics to help our clients diagnose, address, and advance market positions. 

Competitive Forces Drive New Competitive Frameworks

It only requires a cursory reading of the business media to witness what’s at stake: bankruptcies, missed financial targets, market share erosion, factory closures, executive firings, mass layoffs, and more. Add economic, political, and regulatory risks to create the perfect competitive storm. And most companies – large and small – can’t adequately respond or adapt. In other words, they’re ill-equipped to compete, even though they have capable business and competitive intelligence groups, strategic planning task forces, powerful battle cards and playbooks, game theory models, and other traditional competitive tools. A company needs a more comprehensive approach to compete.

Training Sustains Competitive Advantage

The only way for companies to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage and market position is to make it part of their corporate DNA. Business Catalytics trains and advises companies on how to instill competitive thinking and measurement while providing quantitive tools and skills to adapt and measure progress. We also offer guidance on prioritizing and selecting the most effective competitive options, given restrictions on capabilities, capital, and timing.

Competitive Advantage Based on Experience

Business Catalytics invented its Competitive Quotient™ (CQ™) benchmark based on years of experience creating products and companies and bringing them to market. We were responsible for profit and loss (P&L), development, sales, marketing, distribution, and customer support. We invented markets when none existed, crafted strategies and go-to-market plans, and stood side-by-side with our customers no matter the time zone or location.
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