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Business Catalytics Helps Companies Compete Better

Gaining and keeping customers is harder than ever. We’re a training and consulting company that uses competitive analytics to help our clients diagnose, address, and advance market positions. Our approach leverages our proven Competitive Quotient™ (CQ™) benchmark, a landmark, quantitative framework that measures an organization’s ability to compete across critical internal and external operational areas. We then help clients prioritize and select the most effective competitive options.

Rob and I developed and delivered a worldwide competitive training program for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in the largest revenue jump in company history.

Rob is a fierce competitor because he blends deep technical and analytical skills with sales and marketing street smarts. His broad, proven experience, backed by a core of entrepreneurial innovation, gives him a perspective that others simply don’t have. I know because I’ve worked with him.

I witnessed Rob take an underperforming product line of one of the largest tech companies in the world and use analytics, training, customer collaboration, and daring innovation to turn it into a competitive and feared market leader.

I worked with Rob developing cutting-edge products and then watched him align sales, marketing, services, and distribution to achieve dominant market share and sustainable competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantage Starts Today

Business Catalytics offers a series of intense on-site and virtual workshops that help business leaders and their teams identify, prioritize, and address critical gaps in their competitive posture. We also provide executive sessions to rapidly diagnose functional deficiencies due to missed targets or in preparation for new market initiatives, including product launches, M&A, and other expansion activities.

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